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Wedding Dresses 2022: TOP 6 Models

The new wedding season is a recent trend! You are probably wondering what kind of bridal dresses will be relevant in 2022 to impress all the guests with their charm and delicate taste. Every woman dreams of chic dresses to wear to a wedding.

Wedding Dresses 2022: The Trendiest Models

First, 2022 is the excellent return of mermaid and princess wedding dresses. As you can see, nothing has gone out of fashion for a long time. The corset is returning as a mandatory element in the wedding image. Regardless of its forms, it is present in many dresses for weddings in 2022.

As for the latest trends of 2022, the wedding dress with long sleeves will become one of the heroes of the latest trends. The sleeve is a decorative element that emphasizes the bride’s silhouette and gives her image a refined character.

This year’s trends include strapless bridal gowns, dresses with delicate, thin straps, and one-shoulder dresses decorated with numerous petal appliqués. Designers also offer to buy an elegant dress for a wedding with a puffy skirt, which gives a feeling of lightness and freedom.

But first things first.

1. Elegant and simple wedding dresses

Sophisticated elegance never goes out of fashion. The principle “less is more” applies not only in a casual style but also to weddings. The elegance and class are dictated not by quantity but by quality. High-quality, smooth materials, and a minimalist cut to emphasize the figure are ready-made recipes for an ideal image.

2. Long-sleeved wedding dresses

Lace sleeves like Kate Middleton worn, Audrey Hepburn’s puffed sleeves, or simple sleeves that model Miranda Kerr prefers - each wedding gown is a good choice because long-sleeved dresses are a new icon of wedding fashion (and not only for winter celebrations!). We recommend paying attention to REY, TOMMY, MARTINA, and BELLA models. Each dress is unique in its way and will find its princess.

3. Mermaid dresses

“Mermaid” wedding dresses resemble a mermaid’s tail. They are exquisite and emphasize the future bride’s dignity, especially her waist and hips. Mermaid wedding dresses in 2022 are associated with elegant banquets. Their charm is in their simple design!

4. Off-shoulders straps models

Of course, every bride will look very romantic in a wedding dress with off-shoulder straps. What are the other advantages of this style? Off-shoulders princess wedding dresses of 2022 model the neck and shoulders, making the bride’s image even more attractive. The cut is ideal for women with wide shoulders. Pay attention to BREEZE, AZARIA, WILMA, and VICKY models.

5. Wedding dresses with a V-shaped neckline

The V-shaped neckline emphasizes the upper part of the body and optically slims it. We recommend buying a bridal gown with a V-neckline if you want to add lightness to the figure and elongate the neck. The final result will be determined by the length of the neckline and accompanying straps or sleeves.

Choose wider straps (and even long sleeves) and a deep neckline if you do not want to open your body too much. And if you're going to emphasize your breast and shoulders, try narrow spaghetti straps and a deep neckline. However, do not forget to keep the proportions and follow the event.

6. On one-shoulder wedding dresses

In 2021, asymmetrical wedding party dresses on one shoulder came back into style. This design proposal emphasizes the upper part of the bride’s body except for the neckline - shoulders, collarbones, and back. This design is associated with flowing dresses in the Greek style. Still, the possibilities are endless: from white bridesmaid dresses with one strap (ZENDAYA model) to extravagant outfits in the spirit of the 21st century (SABRINA).

These are only the TOP popular models. You have the opportunity to buy a simple wedding dress from the Milla brand or choose their richly decorated models. Delivery is available worldwide and in the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).

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