Mermaid wedding dresses

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Mermaid Wedding Dress: Features And Tricks

This dress is one of the most feminine, elegant, and sensual styles. The mermaid wedding gown emphasizes all the advantages, impresses its simplicity, and catches the eye. Mermaid wedding dresses are met in many designs.

Where Does Such An Interesting Name Come From?

It is because of the skirt cut, which is associated with the tail of a beautiful sea creature. This design allows you to emphasize the figure and the bride’s advantages. In addition, it is associated with luxurious banquets. Celebrities love this model, so why not try it?

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress - What Does It Look Like?mermaid wedding dresses

  • Such models consist of one piece or two pieces. The second version consists of a fitted corset (standard strapless, although it can have filigree sleeves decorated with lace, buttons, or a seductive cut on the back) and a flared skirt. And this is the beauty and mystery of the model. The ultra-fitting skirt emphasizes feminine forms. It expands below the widest point of the hips (about 10-15 cm), resembling a mermaid tail. The dress is often lengthened with a train.
  • It is essential to keep the correct proportions when building the silhouette. If the narrowing begins too low, it will distort your posture and make it difficult to move freely. When trying on an elegant wedding mermaid dress, make sure it is flexible - walk around the living room, bend over, sit, and dance!
  • What about the material? Romance natures should choose tulle or smooth satin. The fabric must fit the body.

Who Should Buy Mermaid Bridal Gowns?

Such a specific cut is not suitable for all women. It looks much better on curvy figures with full hips and breasts. Slimmer ladies may lose a little in it since the mermaid dress needs fitting. Natural curves (breasts and hips) are emphasized, and the tail balances them with its curves. Also, add the corset-made waistline, and we have the recipe for the perfect outfit.

Bell-bottomed skirts are worth mentioning because they affect the visual perception of the figure. Slight elongation is ideal for short ladies, as it optically lengthens the body. Plus, a modest hem is lighter and less heavy. On the other hand, tall women can afford a long decorative mermaid tail to keep proportions and divert attention from high growth. Look for the BELLA model.

What Else To Pay Attention To?

Here are some tips you didn’t think about:

  • The white mermaid wedding dress creates the hourglass figure. From another point of view, it may emphasize what we want to hide, a rounding belly, for example. Professionals recommend simply wearing corrective underwear.
  • Make sure you wear tight-fitting underwear. The mermaid bridal dress is so tight that if you wear a slim bodysuit at the last minute, it may not fit well.
  • Complement the dress with a removable skirt in the princess style. It is an option for brides who can’t decide or want to surprise everyone at their wedding.
  • Big bouquets are ideal for this dress, organically complementing the tail.

As you can see, mermaid tail wedding dresses are always an up-to-date solution. You will look amazing with the proper fabrics and décor. In our Milla store, you can find the perfect option. Order mermaid wedding dresses with worldwide delivery (and in the USA: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia).

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